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Terms & Condition

HONEST ENTERPRISES registered with Udyog adhar MSME UAN Reg. No. MH 17D0016129 & Profession employeement certificate of Maharshtra state P.T.C.E No. Reg. 99081702327P.

HONEST ENTERPRISES will support you in 3 months. House maid verify service centre require please be alert. For verification of candidate we have address proof as ration card copy or voter id, or school living certificate or room agreement copy or light bill etc.

If any harassment/torture by you we will not provide or not replacement any candidate in your place and not refund your charges which paid by us

We have all experienced candidate. Candidate salary is fixed by candidate as your work. Our service charge you will have to make the full payment while taking the candidate in Mumbai and Maharshtra and Our out of state charge ₹ 35,000 while taking candidate. During replacement you will just have to pay fare or pick the candidate from the office.

If you do not opt for renewing the service we will not be responsible for providing another candidate.

After providing service money will not be return back on any condition. Time given for replacement would never be given in advance until such time no threats should be given if any such situation occurs appropriate legal action would be taken subject to jurisdiction in Mumbai only.

HONEST ENTERPRISES can change any rules without prior any notification. Service center reserves rights to add or alter or subtract the terms conditions.

Monthly wage shall be according to the work and it should be given at the end of month. The employer should not give any kind of stress if that happens no other candidate shall be provided. Any payment made to candidate the service center will not responsible for money matter.

HONEST ENTERPRISES will not bear any risk or responsibility regarding any accident with the employee during the full period of employment.

The company is not going to bear any responsibility for any kind of theft or loss of property done by the employee. If candidate file a case we are not responsible. You cannot make work force fully.

If any of belonging are missing or lost by candidate at home we are not responsible for same. Whenever candidate leaves your work place please check his luggage pay balance amount. In case of non payment if candidate file case against you we are not responsible to keep you eye on the candidate.

If you are agree with my terms & conditions then you are welcome.